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Top 10 Dream Roles

As a singer, I’ve been asked several times what my dream roles in musicals are… Well, the list would go on and on, but I limited myself to 10 dream roles and here they are:

1. Fantine in Les Miserables

2. Elphaba in Wicked

3. Maureen Johnson in Rent

4. Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie

5. Kate Monster in Avenue Q

6. Wendla in Spring Awakening

7. Cast Member in Godspell

8. Christine in Phantom of the Opera

9. Belle in Beauty and the Beast

10. Eponine in Les Miserables


Lyrics of the day post!

I used to frequent this post on Tumblr because music is my life. Every day, a new set of lyrics jump out at me and speak to me and I feel the annoying need to share them with everyone I can. Today I thought I’d share the most beautiful lyrics I think I’ve ever heard from Josh Groban’s February Song (fitting title for this month, isn’t it?). I even did a speech on this song for my speech class in college… so maybe I’m a tad obsessed with him and his music, but it’s gorgeous!

Anyway, the lyrics that always seem to hit me when I listen to the song are:

Where is that simple day before colors broke into shades? And, how did I ever fade into this life?

Beautiful. The imagery is amazing. It really makes sense when you think about. We all had a time when life was simple and things simply were. Now everything has to have an explanation or just too many technicalities. We all ask ourselves, ‘how did we get here? Why this life?’ And that’s exactly what he’s saying.

I also like how his music is just so easy to relate to, none of that pop shit with no meaning.

Well, I’ll leave you with the link to his song.

Until next time,

Ms Ari Marie