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I Strive To Be Beautiful Every Day…

I strive to be beautiful every day.  No, not through make-up and hair products, through my actions.

I work as a therapist in a nursing home and by far, it has been the most life-changing experience, ever.  Now, to understand just how life-changing this was/is, we’ll need to flash back to last summer, June of 2014 to be exact.

Throughout my entire life I’ve always wanted to be a counselor or therapist of some sort.  Being in college opened my eyes to the world of social work.  I began college as and Education major, but didn’t like it… so naturally, I went back to my passion, social work.  I figured my main target audience would be children (as I worked in a day care for two years and started in education). But alas, I could not find any internships that 2014 summer.  I was so nervous I’d never find myself an internship.

Now, my mother works in Cedarbrook nursing home and said she could find me something there… uhhh, what?  Me?  In a nursing home?!  I didn’t even know the first thing about working with the elderly!  But, I was heading into my senior year of college with no internship experience, I was desperate.  A bit reluctantly, I took an internship in Cedarbrook Nursing Home’s Therapeutic Recreation department.


It was and still is the best experience I’ve ever gone through.  My residents teach me every single day that life is short and live and love every moment as much as I can; never take anything for granted.  I started appreciating every moment, every opportunity, and every day with every thing I had.  I never started yearning for more, but rather thanked God for what I had. They also taught me not to worry about the little things, but look at the whole picture: work towards what I want to do and don’t let people bother me.

Not to be morbid, but those residents are old and I don’t know how much time they’ll have left, so I always make my one-on-one conversations with them count.  I love them with everything I am; they have become my life.  I know it’s not appropriate in social work to get attached to your clients, but what can I say? I love them.  They’ve taught me so much about life and about love.

It was then and there (and presently, every day) that I learned I had so much to give to these residents that I never knew I even had.  I’m not bragging when I say this (I say this with the utmost humility) but I have had several residents tell me that I have made a difference in their lives’ and hearing that just overwhelms me with chills and emotions and it’s then that I know God put me there for a reason.

Long story short, I was hired as a Therapy Aide just after 2 weeks of interning.  I thank God for that and the differences I am able to make, the smiles I am able to put on my residents faces, and for the second chance I have gotten.  My second chance to work with the elderly, as when I was younger I didn’t fully appreciate my grandparents’ presence and I regret that so much.  But, I thoroughly believe God has put me in an environment such as this county nursing home so that I can have this second chance. Now, no, they are not my grandparents, but some of my 500+ residents feel like family to me and I have created such deep and unbreakable bonds with them and for that, I am so thankful.  I know my grandparents would forgive me for the time I missed out on and be proud of me as they look down on me from Heaven.

My grandparents were like second parents to me (as I probably have spent an equal amount of time at their house when I was younger as my own house, they watched me when my parents were gone, they acted as supplemental parents so my mom didn’t have to have the burden of watching me and my sister by herself, they took us shopping as my mother didn’t drive, and I was closer to them than my own father- hell, even my grandfather took me to a daddy/daughter night at my preschool), so nothing will be quite the same as them, but these residents teach me everyday that time is not endless and appreciate the time you have.  I can’t change the decisions I have made when I was younger, but I can make a difference and pave my future for a better life and a better tomorrow for not just myself, but for others and to make God happy.

So in all this ramble- Live each day helping others, and your beauty will shine through.

Smile and enjoy every moment,

Ms Ari Marie


Weightloss Update

Hey, all. So some of you may know that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight last year into this year. I lost 70 lbs within the short period of 9 months, starting the summer of 2013 into 2014. I hit a plateau recently and I was stuck. This month, I started losing weight again. So far, I lost 4 pounds, making it a total of 74 lbs total lost. My goal is to lose 40 more, which some say is too ridiculous a goal, since my doctor tells me I’m in really good health. Whatever. My doctor said my goal isn’t unreasonable, but she wouldn’t be unhappy if I just maintained my weightloss.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to talk about that, but rather very ‘easy’ ways to lose weight and speed up metabolism. As promised, I told some of my Twitter and Instagram followers (follow me! msarimarie on both) I would give away some of my secrets to losing weight in a healthy, yet effective manor…

TEA. Yes folks, the key to losing weight is drinking organic hot tea! You may think this sounds ridiculous, but natural teas have the best healing power I’ve ever encountered! The two best teas to promote weight loss and speed up metabolism are Pu-Erh tea and Yerba Mate tea. Now, these are a little pricey, but they work wonders! They not only help with weight loss and fast metabolism, but they also give you a natural boost of energy that is just wonderful! Teas like this can be found at all health food stores or Wegman’s grocery store (haven’t encountered them in Giant or Weis). You MUST buy them organic, loose leaf is preferred, but not mandatory. Adding RAW honey (must be raw, other honeys have too much sugar), lemon juice, and cinnamon also speed up metabolism.

It is usually best to drink a cup in the morning to get everything going and then before bed when you’re sedentary. It works, people. Don’t believe me? Follow my instagram account (msarimarie) for all my progress pics!

Happy tea time!

Ms Ari Marie

Hello blog world!

I honestly don’t keep up with this enough as I should. Sorry. I really want to, but as this is my senior year of college and I have a job, life is muy busy!

Anyway, this is going to be a very arbitrary post, but I want to reach out to my fellow thin-haired ladies.

I’ve been recently testing shampoos and conditioners by what America would call some of the “top” cheaper name brands in hair care as an experiment. I chose 4 brands to test their volumizing lines. The four I chose (in no particular order) were: Garnier Fructis, Treseme, Loreal, and Pantene.

For the record, the best smelling one definitely goes to the Treseme, but it was BY FAR, THE WORST volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Did not do a thing!

The Loreal was just alright. Didn’t like the scent, nor did it work.

Garnier Fructis worked pretty well and it smelled okay. My hair was noticeably thicker looking.

Pantene, however, takes the cake! I like the smell and my hair was twice as thick looking and feeling! Definitely a must-buy for those ladies who want thicker looking hair.

So, just from one thin haired girl to another, trust my judgement and not commercials or advertisements. My experiment was done over a series of a couple of weeks and I used each product for about 3-4 weeks each.

So, in order of effectiveness in the volumizing line:
1.) Pantene
2.) Garnier
3.) Loreal
4.) Treseme

If anyone’s tried any other effective brands, feel free to share! Happy hunting!

I Really Need To Start Blogging More…

Hey, all! So, a lot has happened since my last post on June 9th. It’s a little more than a month later and life has improved heaps. That internship I got for myself just to keep myself busy for the summer, turned into a job! Whatttttt?!?! That’s crazy! And I love it so much! I am now a Therapeutic Aide at Cedarbrook Nursing Home! Bye, bye red shirts and khaki pants; no more slaving away at the wonderful world of retail hell at Target! I also got my boyfriend an internship where I now work, so we’ll be working together now.

He also visited me three times in July and now there are only 4 weeks left of the summer before we move into our apartment. Now, don’t get too excited, we didn’t get a legit apartment yet, this is just a school housing apartment. I am still in need of lots of prayers that we can find one after this school year and get approved. God, I know you’re always looking out for me, so please, I pray that you’ll help me, help us, find one. And, keep me going strong these last 4 weeks! Thank You, for all You do. ❤

Prayers are always greatly appreciated!

Keep smiling. Until next time,

Ms Ari Marie

Here we go again… :)

Hello, all! It’s been a few days, but I wanted to see if this thing would actually go somewhere. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I have two followers, yes two! Haha, although it may not seem like a lot, that’s two more than I anticipated. Woo! 

Anyways, what shall I talk about today… hmm… 

Well, I’m feeling really good about myself today, why not talk about my recent weight loss? I want to not come off as bragging because I don’t ever feel that good about myself, but I want to motivate people who don’t think it’s possible for them to lose weight. I never did, so I never tried. Now, one can argue that I began my weight loss journey for all the wrong reasons. I started when I met my boyfriend. I was a lot bigger when I met him. In a sense, I guess it was good that he fell in love with me when I was heavier.  

I began dating my boyfriend in April of 2013, we fell in love in May (a bit soon, but it happened and we both knew it was the real deal). The semester ended on the 17th of May, so we had a long summer ahead of us, 3 and a half months, to be exact. It was tough for a new relationship, to be apart that long. Having a relationship over text messages and the occasional phone call sucks. Things get terribly misconstrued and it’s just hell. Well, things did, in fact, get misconstrued…

Everything was going very well until about the last week of June. We were texting about working out. He was going to start going to the gym. Now, at this point, I wasn’t close with his parents and my biggest fear was that his parents wouldn’t think I was good enough or pretty enough for him because I was heavier. I was scared. Then, I decided to ask a question I knew could have a terrible answer: “Would you like me better thinner?” His response: “Yes.” I remember the terrible, heart-dropping-into-your-stomach feeling and the insta-sob that happened immediately after reading that text. To make things worse, he texted back saying “That wasn’t supposed to sound that bad. I mean, wouldn’t anyone like their significant other to be?” My response, “No… I fell in love with you for you, not for who I thought you could become.” We talked until 9:00 am that morning. We mended things, but I still had unsettling feeling,  and so began my weight loss journey.

I started by downloading a weight loss app on my phone called Noom. It was probably the best thing I could have done. You log your current weight and your goal weight. Noom will ask you approximately how many pounds you’d like to lose a week (the maximum is 2/week) and then how long it will take you to achieve your goal.  It also tells you how many calories you should consume to get the pounds off in your preferred amount of time. You log in your meals and exercises and keep almost like a food and exercise journal. Trust me, it works wonders to keep a log!

Once I got in the swing of things and logged all my meals and learned to eat healthier and learn to exercise effectively, the pounds started melting off. I did about 30 minutes to an hour of cardio a day, plus the 30-day squat challenge (which is f-ing awesome!), and 200-400 crunches for toning. It was hard work, but totally worth it! Within 2 months, I lost 30 pounds.

Prior to this, I had an under active thyroid, which made me gain weight very easily and it gave me problems with my nervous system, such as producing too much cortisol in my blood stream, which made me basically to nervous and anxious to function. After those 30 pounds came off, I no longer had this problem! I went to the doctor to get blood work done and my doctor said all of my numbers were extremely good for my age and I was very healthy. I was so shocked!

Since the summer, I have managed to lose 20 more pounds, making my grand total 50 pounds lost and down 2 dress sizes. I’d still like to lose about 15 more, which would put me at my goal weight and the weight that fits the BMI for my height.

I’ve come a long way and I’m never giving up hope! True, my motivation wasn’t the greatest, but my progress-motivation was great! I now know that I can do anything I put time and effort into.  I truly believe ANYONE can do what I did. I was not very healthy when I began this and now I really am. YOU can do it. Believe in yourself and don’t give up, even if it gets too hard… push yourself. The end result will make you smile. 



Until next time,

Ms Ari Marie