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Changes… changes everywhere!

Hello, all! I haven’t blogged in a long while… oops! BUT… I have some good excuses for that! So many new and wonderful changes have been happening to my life! FIRST AND FOREMOST: I am Cedarbrook Nursing Home’s newest full time Therapy Aide! How blessed am I to have found a full time job right out of college?!?! Oh, and that’s right… I GRADUATED COLLEGE. Whatttt? Yup from Kutztown University with a degree in Sociology (with a concentration in deviant behavior) and Women’s and Gender Studies. My boyfriend and I recently just moved into our first ‘official’ apartment. GOD IS GOOD.  He is helping me along so much. Seriously, what more could I ask for? Degree, FT job (in my field, no less), and I’m living on my own with the love of my life… PERFECTION.

Sorry this post is super annoyingly positive, but God does really provide. I mean, He could magically unpack and put together the rest of our furniture for us… but, who’s complaining? Haha, that was a joke, I swear. God has done so much for me over the course of 2 months, it’s unreal.

Oh, another (minor) change is that I chopped my hair off and I LOVE IT. AND, I’m getting glasses. So, just a few cosmetic changes here and there.

OH! OH! OH!…

WE’RE GETTING A KITTEN! And naming her Lily.

Okay, I’m done and life’s good.

Talk to y’all later when I actually write something with thought and not just ramble.

Stay sweet,

Ms Ari Marie


Product Reviews!

So, I made a post about reviewing volumizing shampoo and conditioners among the top four brands. I had a lot of fun testing them out and reviewing them so… I’ve decided to text more products out!

In a few weeks I’ll be testing two different candle brands out: Diamond Candles and Prize Candles. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these brands, these candles have a ring inside the candle when you burn it down to a certain point. These are the only two brands of candles like this on the market.

I will be looking for two specific things: how strong the scent is and the quality of the ring I get in each candle.

Right off the bat, I can say that Diamond Candles are more worth the money (vs. Prize Candles) due to the fact that they are 24 oz. and Prize Candles are only 9 oz. so we already know that the Diamond Candles will have a longer life.

Both range at around $25. Prize Candles however often promotes a buy one get one free sale, still only around 18 oz. that you’re getting though. However, a second is nice to have for a gift perhaps. After all, they are very unique!

Check back in a few weeks to hear about the scents and rings!


Weight loss

So, I’ve lost 70 pounds in a little less than a year. I love posting pictures of my weight loss for self motivation as well as to inspire others. Now, I have a HUGE support system, however, a select few think I post pics for attention… Thoughts? Honestly, I’m damn proud of myself for being able to lose so much weight and feel healthier. BUT, I never boast about it. I was 70 pounds overweight, I know how it feels to wish you were that skinny girl. I’m very empathetic towards others. Again, I hope to just inspire others to be healthy. I need opinions…


Hello blog world!

I honestly don’t keep up with this enough as I should. Sorry. I really want to, but as this is my senior year of college and I have a job, life is muy busy!

Anyway, this is going to be a very arbitrary post, but I want to reach out to my fellow thin-haired ladies.

I’ve been recently testing shampoos and conditioners by what America would call some of the “top” cheaper name brands in hair care as an experiment. I chose 4 brands to test their volumizing lines. The four I chose (in no particular order) were: Garnier Fructis, Treseme, Loreal, and Pantene.

For the record, the best smelling one definitely goes to the Treseme, but it was BY FAR, THE WORST volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Did not do a thing!

The Loreal was just alright. Didn’t like the scent, nor did it work.

Garnier Fructis worked pretty well and it smelled okay. My hair was noticeably thicker looking.

Pantene, however, takes the cake! I like the smell and my hair was twice as thick looking and feeling! Definitely a must-buy for those ladies who want thicker looking hair.

So, just from one thin haired girl to another, trust my judgement and not commercials or advertisements. My experiment was done over a series of a couple of weeks and I used each product for about 3-4 weeks each.

So, in order of effectiveness in the volumizing line:
1.) Pantene
2.) Garnier
3.) Loreal
4.) Treseme

If anyone’s tried any other effective brands, feel free to share! Happy hunting!

I Really Need To Start Blogging More…

Hey, all! So, a lot has happened since my last post on June 9th. It’s a little more than a month later and life has improved heaps. That internship I got for myself just to keep myself busy for the summer, turned into a job! Whatttttt?!?! That’s crazy! And I love it so much! I am now a Therapeutic Aide at Cedarbrook Nursing Home! Bye, bye red shirts and khaki pants; no more slaving away at the wonderful world of retail hell at Target! I also got my boyfriend an internship where I now work, so we’ll be working together now.

He also visited me three times in July and now there are only 4 weeks left of the summer before we move into our apartment. Now, don’t get too excited, we didn’t get a legit apartment yet, this is just a school housing apartment. I am still in need of lots of prayers that we can find one after this school year and get approved. God, I know you’re always looking out for me, so please, I pray that you’ll help me, help us, find one. And, keep me going strong these last 4 weeks! Thank You, for all You do. ❤

Prayers are always greatly appreciated!

Keep smiling. Until next time,

Ms Ari Marie

Well, hello there!

Hey, all. It’s been way too long since I’ve last blogged. My apologies. Not that anyone really cares or reads this. Anyway, my senior year of college is now over and I am on another joyous summer break 😛 I loathe summertime. There used to be a time where I longed for the summer– to share my time off with my family,  relax, be away from people at school. Well, that has all changed. Since last year, meeting my boyfriend, I hate summer. He is my family now. My family is torn apart this summer anyway. My little sister moved out and my parents hate each other. I got myself a kitten to keep myself busy so I don’t end up with a terrible depression spell, like last summer 😦 I also am working all I can at my job at Target as well as got myself an internship so that I will hardly have a moment of free time. I’m a bit depressed already, but not nearly as bad as last year. Is that because my boyfriend and I are in a more secured part of our relationship, being together for over a year now? Or should it be harder to be apart? I have no idea. All I know is that this is our last summer of being apart because we will be getting an apartment together next summer. Fingers crossed. I do not know what the qualifications per each building are, but I could use all the prayers I could get that we get into at least one that we apply for!

God has been so gracious to me the last couple of months in helping me get the big things in my life that I’ve been praying for. He’s helped me gain motivation and determination in myself as well as strength to achieve my weight loss goals, which I have been praying for for some time now. I got a scholarship that I prayed so much for. I got more hours at Target so I can save up money for this apartment. I got better grades in school this year. I gained more confidence in myself. I got an internship after searching for one for some time and almost giving up hope. I prayed my whole life to find that one special person and I have now. Most recently I’ve been praying to get approved for a credit card so that one step towards getting an apartment would be completed and it happened. Now all I need is for the apartment to be approved when we apply next year. Please, please, please whoever reads this, pray for me. I cannot do another summer without my boyfriend. It is absolutely heartbreaking. He is my rock and the best person in my life. He is the only person who makes me feel wonderful all the time. We really want to start our lives together and start our own mini-family. God, please let this all work out. I have endless faith in You ❤

And, thank you all who read this who are willing to pray for us. It means so much to me.

There are 68 days left until school starts again… I also pray they go by quickly! I need my babycakes! Teehee. 

Beyond Blessed

So, this past weekend I got to see my friend from Germany that I haven’t seen in about 3 years! It was a wonderful reunion and I could not be more blessed…

When I was a junior in high school back in 2009, I met a girl named Miriam from Bielefeld, Germany. Now, prior to meeting her, my grandfather (who’s German) told me that if I did well in school and graduated, as a graduation present he would take a trip to Germany with me because I couldn’t afford the school trip to Germany which ran around $3,500 and he himself wanted to visit. Well, unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in November of my junior year. Ironically, in January of my junior year, we got a foreign exchange student from Germany. I was like, this is unreal right now. I am a huge believer of signs and I knew this was one. So, I had to meet her. I weirdly (?) asked my english teacher if I could have my seat moved to sit by her, my  logic being that I knew how to speak German and could help her out… after all, this was an English class. So, it was made so. I way too excitedly introduced myself to her, my words probably slurring as I was speaking a mile a minute.

Long story, short, I started inviting her out for dinner and shopping, etc. and we became very close friends very fast. We kept in touch all that summer when she went back and we even sent packages back and forth. In one of my emails to her, I asked her if I could visit her and she very quickly and happily responded with yes! Which was even cooler was that I got to stay for a little over a month (the school trip was only a little less than a week 😛 ) and all I had to pay for was my plane ticket and bring spending money! I couldn’t have been more blessed in that way either. Someone was looking out for me!

Well, so my trip was in 2010, the summer of my senior year. She visited the United States my sophomore year of college in 2012 with her friend Caroline, who I met during my stay in Germany. I had no idea when I would see her again, until…

Now! In 2014. Her sister married an American man and they were living in Germany for a year and then decided to move over here permanently. I have a wonderful feeling I’ll be seeing her more now, especially more than only every 2 years 🙂

Anyway, we had a wonderful day filled with going out for lunch, shopping, and catching up! We will be hanging out again in a few days and I cannot wait! This is a friendship stronger than any I’ve had with anyone in the United States and that is so amazing to me. I am truly beyond blessed :,)


Until next time,

Ms Ari Marie