Product Reviews!

So, I made a post about reviewing volumizing shampoo and conditioners among the top four brands. I had a lot of fun testing them out and reviewing them so… I’ve decided to text more products out!

In a few weeks I’ll be testing two different candle brands out: Diamond Candles and Prize Candles. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these brands, these candles have a ring inside the candle when you burn it down to a certain point. These are the only two brands of candles like this on the market.

I will be looking for two specific things: how strong the scent is and the quality of the ring I get in each candle.

Right off the bat, I can say that Diamond Candles are more worth the money (vs. Prize Candles) due to the fact that they are 24 oz. and Prize Candles are only 9 oz. so we already know that the Diamond Candles will have a longer life.

Both range at around $25. Prize Candles however often promotes a buy one get one free sale, still only around 18 oz. that you’re getting though. However, a second is nice to have for a gift perhaps. After all, they are very unique!

Check back in a few weeks to hear about the scents and rings!