Beyond Blessed

So, this past weekend I got to see my friend from Germany that I haven’t seen in about 3 years! It was a wonderful reunion and I could not be more blessed…

When I was a junior in high school back in 2009, I met a girl named Miriam from Bielefeld, Germany. Now, prior to meeting her, my grandfather (who’s German) told me that if I did well in school and graduated, as a graduation present he would take a trip to Germany with me because I couldn’t afford the school trip to Germany which ran around $3,500 and he himself wanted to visit. Well, unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in November of my junior year. Ironically, in January of my junior year, we got a foreign exchange student from Germany. I was like, this is unreal right now. I am a huge believer of signs and I knew this was one. So, I had to meet her. I weirdly (?) asked my english teacher if I could have my seat moved to sit by her, my  logic being that I knew how to speak German and could help her out… after all, this was an English class. So, it was made so. I way too excitedly introduced myself to her, my words probably slurring as I was speaking a mile a minute.

Long story, short, I started inviting her out for dinner and shopping, etc. and we became very close friends very fast. We kept in touch all that summer when she went back and we even sent packages back and forth. In one of my emails to her, I asked her if I could visit her and she very quickly and happily responded with yes! Which was even cooler was that I got to stay for a little over a month (the school trip was only a little less than a week 😛 ) and all I had to pay for was my plane ticket and bring spending money! I couldn’t have been more blessed in that way either. Someone was looking out for me!

Well, so my trip was in 2010, the summer of my senior year. She visited the United States my sophomore year of college in 2012 with her friend Caroline, who I met during my stay in Germany. I had no idea when I would see her again, until…

Now! In 2014. Her sister married an American man and they were living in Germany for a year and then decided to move over here permanently. I have a wonderful feeling I’ll be seeing her more now, especially more than only every 2 years 🙂

Anyway, we had a wonderful day filled with going out for lunch, shopping, and catching up! We will be hanging out again in a few days and I cannot wait! This is a friendship stronger than any I’ve had with anyone in the United States and that is so amazing to me. I am truly beyond blessed :,)


Until next time,

Ms Ari Marie